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Family Connection…

The Family Connection is the second book featuring private detective Van Dijk – Super Sleuth – Dutch in origin now residing and working in London.

This story takes him away from the UK shores and finds him in the village of his birth in Holland. The reason behind his journey is to join his partner Jac for a well-deserved break; stay with his brother and sister-in-law and catch up with all the family news as well as get updates on his brother’s restaurant business. More importantly, meet the newest member of the Van Dijk family, his nephew Antoine (Twan). But all doesn’t go to plan.
Arriving at the village his brother Frenk van Dijk asks for his help when told his staff-of-one, Guiseppe Diaffora, has been arrested with large amounts of cash on his person. He’s also shown newspaper articles of previous robberies in which money and wine have also been stolen. The local police seem baffled, or are slow in making any headway.
Van Dijk gets involved…

All the proceeds from this book will be donated to El Shaddai Street Child Rescue, India.

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Beside the Sea…

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IT HAS been said by many that people living on the coast are healthier and happier than those who do not. It has also been confirmed by my various friends who live by the sea they are in fact healthier and happier than those living inland. Is it true? I was to find out after leaving the Dutch coast to head inland.

My wife almost daily says she misses the sea, the sand and the Dutch coast line. “There’s nothing better than to walk along the beach with a fresh wind blowing in from the sea during the colder months of the year,” she’s often said. “It’s not only refreshing and good for you; it also invigorates the body and the mind.” With the salt from the sea brushing her face and the wind in her hair she says it revitalises her physical condition, clears away the aches in her body and gives her a chance to think while admiring her surrounds. The sound of the sea lapping gently onto the beach, granules of sand disappearing between her toes and the sound of the gulls hovering close by is something she will miss. Whether this is true only she can confirm of course, but it’s something “born within” she reminded me while taking our last daily walk on her domain.

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The Right To Roam…

I OCCASIONALLY walk my dog in the local park which backs onto the garden of my house. It’s convenient for my four-footer and me to stretch our legs before jumping into the car to head towards the local wood where the real exercise and walk begins. While taking this short walk more often than not I hear the same annoying and bothersome chorus of fellow dog owners attempting to call their marauding mongrels to order; being addressed as if they were delicate little angels not to be upset.

“Come here, Sammy! Please don’t do that, there’s a good boy. Oh dear, no, please don’t do that. Please come here. Come on. Look, I’ve got your favourite treats. . .”

Sammy, the four-footer, is invariably a huge, boisterous canine who is ecstatically jumping up at an unsuspecting walker or assaulting a smaller dog which is squeaking in protest beneath its “attackers” weight. Read More…

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Dutch Connection…

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THIS simple adventure story, is the second in a triology of works centred around private detective Van Dijk SuperSleuth – Dutch in origin now residing and working in London. His name is given to Kelly Gordon by a local police station sergeant when she reported her fiancé as missing.

After agreeing to help in her search he initially visits the latter’s studio and is given an unexpected welcome surprise. His adventure brings him into indirect contact with the Dutch and German police as well as a face-to-face confrontation with Gordon Lewis, owner of one of London’s most successful casinos. 

This book is the first to be printed and published locally in India by Sudhir Joglekar for OMEGA PUBLICATIONS, the local printer for El Shaddai Street Child Rescue.

All the proceeds of this book will be donated to this charity. 

Copyright © Francis Smith (ISBN 81-86479-80-5)




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Dutch sponsor Ira Nagel visited the children of El Shaddai and  shared this video; as you can see happy, smiling faces…

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The Park Bench Mystery…

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WHAT kind of anti-social behaviour do I have to accept before taking any action? Try and picture the scene. It is a warm summer’s evening in a quiet residential area. My back garden, albeit small, backs on to the local park. The French windows in my living room are open. The air is faintly scented with honeysuckle and my wife and I are enjoying an evening of television with snacks and a glass of red wine. Unfortunately, due to the warmness of the evening, the local youths of the village decided this very same evening to chill out on the park bench strategically placed about twenty meters opposite my two bedroom ground-floor apartment. It was not something new; having experienced similar evenings of noise and discomfort from the same group in the past.

I could have closed the windows, turned the volume up on the television, decamped to a room on the other side of my property… but I declined the opportunity. A sudden and intense irritation drove every other thought from my mind.

Putting down my glass of wine, I strode to the front door of my apartment prepared to give the active offenders a piece-of-my-mind. And not for the first time I might add!

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Grandpa’s Woolly Jumping Socks…


GRANDMA is a lovable old lady who has a secret. She is a witch. But more than that she is a good witch! There are of course three classes of witches:  the bad witch who can cast nasty spells that work; the witch less ones who stick in pins and cast spells that do not work – their escapades more often than not find their way into the sensational press or glossy magazines – and the good witch who usually casts a spell that work. Grandma lives with Grandpa in a small house on the hill. Every evening between seven and twelve Grandma flies on her broomstick over and round the houses of her local village. It’s something she enjoys doing while Grandpa goes off down to the local pub to meet and talk to his friends while enjoying a drink.  Read More…

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El Shaddai: “The Movie…”


A word from El Shaddai’s co-founder Anita Edgar: “The visit to Goa with my daughter in 1996 changed my life completely. I was absolutely devastated when I found so many children living on the streets with no homes, no families and most without a birth certificate to entitle them to an education or medical care. After having a vision from God when praying one morning I decided to do something about it and decided to open homes for these unfortunate street children. Within a short space of time I met Pastor Matthew and his wife Julia at church and the charity El Shaddai was born. We have come a long way together taking care of over 3,500 vulnerable children living in poverty and have given them education and a chance of a new life and a better future.”
A click on the link below tells you more on the work of El Shaddai Charitable Trust Ltd. 
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An Uplifting Experience…


THE last time I visited Australia was more than thirty years ago. At that time I was working on a passenger ship taking immigrants to the land of promise. With stop-overs on the outward trip from Southampton via Rotterdam, Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Cape Town we docked on Australia’s west coast in Perth. After a number of passengers had disembarked and new had boarded during the ship’s one-day stopover, we continued our trip with further stops in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney where passengers again disembarked to be replaced by new. Onward to New Zealand, Fiji Islands and eventually Miami, via the Panama Canal, the ship returned to Southampton after several months at sea. Read More…

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Memories and Mongrels…

Please donate Rs. 200,00 for a good read and a good cause…

 If you’re ever in Goa don’t miss the opportunity to purchase the book, enjoy its contents knowing your investment is going to a good cause.

Enjoy… Francis Smith 

A Collection of Short Stories…

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WHETHER travelling the globe on business or while at home taking his two canine “buddies” for their daily walk, Francis Smith jotted down notes, or used his micro cassette recorder, to jog his memory and record his experiences. These notes have now been transcribed into short stories and are a true reflection of those experiences. The collection is well worth a read not only to pass the time when travelling in a train, on a bus, in an aircraft, relaxing on the beach, or even in the bath, because every story has a ring of truth plus something extra thanks to the writer’s imagination. They’re also easy to read.

The proceeds  of this book are for El Shaddai Street Child Rescue who have been given the rights to sell it directly.

This collection, in book form, has been printed in India by El Shaddai’s own printer. The co-operation between Sudhir Joglekar of Omega Publications and Francis Smith, via the digital highway, has proved to be a success; so-much-so the writer is planning a further book; this time a detective story, to again be printed in India. The printing costs of this collection of short stories covered by the writer is an indirect sponsorship effort to generate further revenue for the charity.  No costs whatsoever to El Shaddai. The printed books, delivered directly to El Shaddai will become part of the charity’s local promotion effort when it undertakes its own promotional campaign.

All generated proceeds from the book’s sale are for El Shaddai.

A win/win situation for all concerned. Omega Publications continue their local support, all the proceeds of the book are for El Shaddai Street Child Rescue and the charity has an extra promotional tool to help it on its way, financially, to continue  its outstanding work on behalf of the under privileged children. 

Omega Publications can be contacted  with the following email: omega press

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